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Dog Paw Gold Necklace

Buy Dog Paw Gold Necklace | 14% OFF TODAY

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Aren’t dog paws the cutest little things in the world? They feel extremely soft to touch and look like little bundles of joy. They leave the cutest little prints everywhere they go and make your heart melt with their adorable little shape.

Dogs are one of the few best pets a human can have; in fact, dogs are known to be the most loving pets of all. They stay with you through your thick and thin times, giving you all the support you can get, along with free cuddles and a daily dose of comfort.

You come back from a tough day at work, and your cute little buddy has got you covered. It is one of the most peaceful feelings to feel your pet next to you and to love them every day. That is why dog owners like to keep some charm jewelry to remember their pets when they are away from them, and to keep them with themselves.

This perfect little gold dog paw necklace is an extremely stunning piece of pet jewelry that you can keep with you at all times, and wear it to not only look extra elegant but also keep your pet literally close to your heart all the time.

It falls beautifully on the neck, with its 45 cm long chain that is perfectly adjustable to your neck size and desirability. The pendant is 1.5 cm, both in width and height, and is in the shape of a beautiful little paw print cut out. Both its colors, gold, and silver are extremely stunning and a treat for all skin tones.

The gold dog paw necklace is made of zinc alloy, an extremely superior metal, long-lasting, durable, environmentally safe, and safe to use on the skin. The color nor fades nor tarnishes. Perfect for all dog lovers. 

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