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Turn Your Dog Tag Into a Personalized Photo Necklace

So we all know that dog tag necklaces do really make great fashion items. Whether we got our personal details or our favorite quote or statement engraved in them, we have unlimited choices to pick for our dog tag necklaces. But a new trend has been added to our choices in picking our design for our dog tag necklaces – that is none other than personalized photos for dog tag necklace.

From the term itself, these are dog tag necklaces also, but instead of having texts engraved in them, pictures are digitally printed in them! There are lots of choices to put into your dog tag necklaces – from your own photo, to your loved one’s photo or any image you want to immortalize into your dog tag necklace. Whether you have a certain photo that every time you see it, it brings back great memories or stirs some certain emotions, this is ideal for you. If you like to carry such feeling with you without always having to go through your old photo albums, you will find this useful, as this will guide you on photo dog tag necklaces, and how they are personalized in such a unique way.

How are Photo Dog Tag Necklaces Personalized?

You want your dog tag necklace personalized with your photo? Then you better know how to make a dog necklace with photos for personalization. The first step of course, is to decide which picture from your photo album or online source that you want printed in your necklace. Try to choose a picture that is in a very good condition, and not the faded or damaged ones. Always remember that the better the quality of the photo, the better your personalized dog tag necklace will look. If you must use a vintage or any old and faded photo, then see if you can find any place or method that can do some photo restoration. The printing shop or your preferred makers may also provide this kind of service.

After you have chosen the photo that you want to use, then you will need to decide as to what particular style of necklace you would like. It could be a standard shape of a dog tag, or any other shape for a pendant. Once you have decided, you need to choose the tone and type of metal you prefer for your personalized photo necklace, such as gold, silver, aluminum, copper, and brass, among others. Once you have found the piece that is right for your preferences, you are almost done with it. All you need to do after purchasing is to get your photo to the printing shop to make it.

Some Things to Consider in Personalizing Your Dog Tag Necklaces

It is better to send your photos in a soft copy, or through email. Also, when looking for a printing shop where you have your dog tag necklace personalized, take a look at the reviews to make sure that you have picked the best one.