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Glam Up Pets With Custom Pet Necklace

Pet owners also want their pets to look good. They go the extra mile to make them smell nice and presentable. They schedule weekly visits to the pet groomer. They dress them up in cute outfits. 

If one is like these owners, then he will love pet necklaces. These will not only give one's pets their needed identification, but it will also make them look their best as well. Here are some of the materials used for pet necklaces. 

Faux Pearls

If one's dog is female, this kind of necklace will surely increase her charm. Pearls have a subtle and formal look to it. It will give the impression that the owner of the dog is classy. Dogs that belong to the small to medium breeds will benefit from this. 

Usually, the design of pearl pet necklaces is a three-layer or strings of pearls. One needs to find the correct size of his pet because this usually does not come with stretchable strands. 

Customized Dog Tags

If one is not into gems, then he can choose a custom pet necklace that comes in a dog tag form. This type of necklace can be highly customizable. This is because one can choose what he wants to be printed or engraved on the dog tag. He can choose to have cute cartoon characters on it. He can also choose to have the picture of his pet on it. Also, he can have his name, address and contact number engraved on the back of the dog tag so that if his pet will be lost, other people will know who and where to contact. 

Diamond Pet Necklace

If one wants his dog to be glamorous, then he can go for necklaces that have diamond embellishments. Because it is a precious stone, most designs will have it as a centre of attraction. The string is usually made from fancy pearls and the diamond will be attached in the centre of the necklace. 

Lace Pet Necklaces

If one does not have a large budget, he can go for lace pet necklaces. These can accommodate medium to large breeds of dogs. The design may be simple but it can still add amplify the cuteness of one's pet. This kind of pet necklace also has some pearls as embellishments. One will not worry about having the necklace looking too simple because the lace used comes in different colours and intricate patterns. 

Crystal Pet Necklace

If one wants to have a minimalistic look without sacrificing glam, he can choose a pet necklace made with crystals. Crystals can give that sparkle without going overboard, especially for clear ones. Some designs incorporate other types of stones like gems like pearls, rhinestones, and others. 

Whatever design one of the pet necklaces one chooses for his pet, he must choose what fits right on the dog. Before using these pet accessories, it is also important to make one's pet accustom to it first before placing it on their necks. In this way, one will be assured that his pet will not destroy it.