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Dog Tags: Journey From The Military To Pet Engraved Necklace

The dog tag is a trendy accessory for people and also for pets. A lot of individuals use this as a form of expression, may it be in fashion, relationships, or life mantra. For pets, this can serve as an identification, which can be useful when they are lost. 

The Beginnings Of Dog Tags

Dog tags were invented for military use. The first usage of this accessory was documented during the Taiping Revolt in 1851. This is an important item for a soldier to carry because this will help in his identification. Also, a lot of information about him is engraved in the tag. This information includes the army group, age, blood type, and others. 

Evolution Of Dog Tags

During the first world war, soldiers were swearing dog tags that are octagonal. Each chain has two dog tags, a red one and a green one. When a soldier dies in a war, the red dog tag is taken away to be submitted to the military. The green one is left on the body so that it can be identified. 

During world war II, the designers of the dog tag added a notch to it. This was created using a graphotype and the details were debossed on the tag. However, this was discontinued. 

Nowadays, the design of the tags difference according to the country. In some places, the dog tag is designed wherein one can break off the lower part of the tag to be submitted to the military to identify the soldier who owns it. The remaining half is left on the body for marking. 

Dog Tags For Medical Use

As of date, these accessories are also used in the medical field. There are people with special needs that wear dog tags. It can be patients who suffer from epilepsy, diabetes, or allergies. These tags can help a health worker or a person doing first aid on how he must approach this kind of patients during emergencies. 

Dog Tags As A Fashion Statement

Dog tags have already entered the fashion industry. If one wants to go for a fierce army look, he will use dog tags to complete his look. A lot of teenagers have already been wearing this now because it makes them look cool. Also, some of them use this as a symbol of their friendship. Some even give this to their significant others. Most people in a relationship use these dog tags to mark the dates that are special to them. Some also place quotes that closely describe their relationship. These quotes can be declarations of love or uplifting verses that can comfort a person during times of sorrow. 

For Pet Use

Pets can also use these necklaces. An owner can go for a pet engraved necklace for a more customized identification for his pet. Just like in the military, the tags can contain information about the dog. This will include its name, its owner, the address and contact number of the owner. Further, one can also spruce it up by using precious stones for the necklace.