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Dog Tag Necklaces: What They are Made of, What They are Used For

It is undeniable that one of the most recent fashion accessories that are commonly worn by young people and celebrities is what we call the dog tag necklace. They are popular among people because of its cool metallic look and design, plus you can personalize it by putting details about yourself in them.

But aside from being a fashion accessory as it is known today, dog tag necklaces are also used to provide other functions, and also comes in various forms. One example of its other function is having them attached to your keys so one can identify the said keys once lost, especially if you have your details engraved in the tags.

The Many Uses of Personalized Dog Tag Necklaces

  • Who says that a personalized dog necklace is nothing more than a fashion accessory? Good thing that this type of necklace can serve as more than a mere decoration to our bodies. Just like what was mentioned above, dog tag necklaces, particularly the personalized ones, can be used as identifiers for some of your personal belongings, such as keys. You can also use them to label your bags and personal items. Put them on your luggage, bags and even on gadgets to help people know that these items are yours. 
  • Since we already talked about identifiers, dog tags can also be used as identification tags for you and your children, since they can be worn by you and your kids for emergency purposes or for survival reasons. Wearing these dog tags on you or on your loved ones can easily help people identify whoever is wearing them, and with the addition of contact information on the tags, can also be used to call whoever needs to be called.
  • We can use them for our pets. After all, they are dog tags. Have your pet’s name engraved on the metal dog tags and attach these to your pet’s collar. These tags can be customized and colorized to fit what you want for your pet. These tags can also serve as identification tags in case your pet gets lost and can’t find its way home. You can just add your contact information to these tags and you can be sure that once someone finds your pet, they can easily return them to you.

The Many Metals that Make Personalized Dog Tag Necklaces

There are many types of metals used in making a personalized dog tag necklaces. One of the most common metal used is none other than stainless steel. Known for its light weight, low cost and non-allergic properties, they are mostly preferred by people who are buying their first dog tag necklace. But other popular metals used for making dog tags are silver, gold, iron, copper, and nickel. Some metal may suit you, and some might be too expensive or can cause allergic reactions to you. So it is important that you personally check them out for you to find out what is best for your personalized dog tag necklace.