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Dog Tag Necklace: Complete Buyers Guide [2020]

Dog Tag Necklaces: What They are Made of

You are probably familiar with dog tag necklaces. These types of necklaces are seen as main accessories worn by military men as identification tags, with personal details and other information, such as medical details and other things engraved on them.

Nowadays, dog tags are still used for medical identification purposes, but this time they are used also by civilians to identify the wearers and specify them as having certain health problems that may suddenly incapacitate their wearers and consider them incapable of providing certain treatment guidance, such as cases of heart problems, diabetes, epilepsy, trauma or accidents, and might interact adversely with certain medical treatments such as allergy. It also provides contact information for emergency purposes.

But more so, these necklaces have recently found their way into fashion through what is called the military chic. Since they are originally worn as a part of a military uniform, people wishing to present a tough or militaristic image made dog tags seep out into wider fashion circles. This type of dog necklace may be inscribed with a person's basic details, their beliefs, tastes, favorite quotes, or even the name or logo of a band or performer. These have also been fashionable among musicians, particularly rappers, as well as a marketing giveaway item. Customers can even personalize their dog tags with their own photos, logos, text, and other details. Even some jewelers have featured gold and silver dog tag necklaces with diamonds and other stones.

Dog Tag Necklaces: the Metals that Made them Through the Years

One of the features of the dog tag necklace is the metallic material where it is made. These chains made of many small balls attached to one another, combined with the tag itself, have been a staple part of every fashion trend over the years. The question here is: what are dog tag necklaces exactly made of? It is pretty hard to think about the particular kind of metal used for this fashion accessory.

But then, it was found out that one of the most common metals used in making dog tags is none other than stainless steel. But history traces back during the First World War, where dog tag necklaces were made of aluminum, with the wearer’s details being pressed into the metal, one letter at a time. 

The American dog tags back then were produced using what we call a Graphotype machine, where characters are debossed into metal plates. Some tags nowadays are still debossed, and some are embossed on computer-controlled equipment.

Some tags are also made of an alloy of copper and nickel. This style of dog tag necklace was commonly used during the Second World War.

Dog Tag Necklaces Today: a Fashion Staple of Military Chic

Nowadays, dog tag necklaces are made of different types of metal, whether stainless steel, copper, nickel or iron. These metal have different properties that might affect you as a wearer. It is still best to check the different styles to find out what will suit you.