Best Western Hotels Pet Friendly: Everything You Need to Know

Are Best Western Hotels Pet Friendly Everything You Need to Know

Best Western Hotels is a renowned hotel chain that offers a wide range of accommodations. If you’re a pet owner, you may be wondering if Best Western Hotels are pet-friendly. The good news is that many Best Western Hotels welcome pets, making it easier for you to travel with your furry friends.

When it comes to pet-friendly hotels, Best Western goes above and beyond to ensure a comfortable stay for both you and your pets. The hotel chain understands that pets are an important part of the family, so they strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.

At Best Western Hotels, you can expect a variety of pet-friendly amenities and services. From cozy pet beds and food bowls to pet-sitting and walking services, Best Western Hotels have everything you need to make your pets feel right at home. So, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can rest assured that your pet will be well taken care of.

Benefits of Pet-Friendly Best Western Hotels

When it comes to traveling with your furry friends, Best Western hotels offer a range of benefits for both you and your pets. Here are some of the advantages of staying at a pet-friendly Best Western hotel:

1. Convenience: Best Western hotels understand the importance of convenience when it comes to traveling with pets. They provide amenities such as pet-friendly rooms, easy access to outdoor areas for walks, and nearby pet-friendly attractions.

2. Welcome package: Upon arrival, your pet will be greeted with a special welcome package that may include treats, toys, and other goodies. This thoughtful gesture ensures that your pet feels instantly welcomed and valued.

3. Safety: Best Western hotels prioritize the safety and well-being of both guests and pets. They often have designated pet-friendly areas, fenced-in spaces, and 24/7 security to ensure a secure environment for your furry friends.

4. Special services: Pet-friendly Best Western hotels may offer additional services specifically tailored to cater to your pet’s needs. This can include pet-sitting services, grooming facilities, and even dog-walking services.

5. Stress-free travel: By choosing a pet-friendly Best Western hotel, you eliminate the stress and worry of leaving your beloved pet behind. Your pet can enjoy the comforts of home while you explore new destinations, allowing you to have a more relaxed and enjoyable travel experience.

6. Bonding time: Traveling with your pet provides an opportunity for quality bonding time. Best Western hotels encourage this by providing pet-friendly spaces where you can spend quality time with your furry companion.

Overall, staying at a pet-friendly Best Western hotel ensures that you can enjoy your vacation or business trip with your pet by your side. With their pet-friendly amenities and services, Best Western hotels make sure that your pet feels just as welcome and comfortable as you do.

Pet-Friendly Policies

When it comes to traveling with your furry friends, Best Western hotels have you covered with their pet-friendly policies. Best Western understands that for many guests, pets are important members of the family, so they welcome them with open arms.

Best Western allows up to two dogs per guest room, with a maximum weight limit of 80 pounds per dog. However, other pets such as cats, birds, and rabbits are also welcome as long as they are caged during their stay. It’s important to note that not all Best Western hotels allow pets, so it’s always a good idea to check with the specific hotel before making a reservation.

While Best Western welcomes pets, they do have a few guidelines in place to ensure a pleasant stay for all guests. Guests are required to notify the hotel in advance if they plan on bringing their pet, and there may be additional fees associated with bringing a pet. It is also important to keep pets on a leash or in a carrier when in public areas of the hotel. Additionally, pets should not be left unattended in the guest room unless they are in a crate or kennel.

Best Western hotels also have designated pet-friendly rooms to accommodate guests with pets. These rooms are specially prepared to ensure a comfortable and clean stay for both guests and their furry friends. Designated pet areas are also available on the hotel property for walking and exercising pets.

By following these pet-friendly policies, guests can enjoy their stay at Best Western hotels while also ensuring the comfort and safety of their pets. So whether you’re traveling with a dog, cat, or another small pet, Best Western is a great option for a pet-friendly hotel stay.

Accommodation Options for Pets

If you are traveling with your beloved pet, you’ll be glad to know that Best Western Hotels offer accommodation options specifically designed to cater to the needs of pets. Whether you have a small dog, a cat, or even a larger breed, you can find a suitable room that allows your furry friend to stay with you.

Pet-friendly rooms: Best Western Hotels have pet-friendly rooms that are specially equipped to ensure that your pet feels comfortable during your stay. These rooms typically have designated areas for pet bowls and beds, making it easier for you to take care of your pet’s needs. When booking a pet-friendly room, make sure to specify the size and breed of your pet to ensure that you are assigned an appropriate room.

Policies and fees: Best Western Hotels have specific policies and fees in place for guests traveling with pets. While the details may vary by location, most hotels require guests to pay a non-refundable pet fee per stay. Additionally, there might be restrictions on the number of pets allowed per room and certain breeds may not be permitted. It’s best to contact the hotel directly or check their website for the most up-to-date information regarding their pet policies.

Pet amenities: In addition to providing pet-friendly rooms, Best Western Hotels also offer various amenities to make your pet’s stay enjoyable. Some hotels have designated outdoor areas or walking trails where you can take your pet for exercise and walks. Others may provide pet-friendly services such as grooming or pet-sitting upon request. Check with the hotel beforehand to see what amenities are available for your furry friend.

Amenities for Pets

Best Western Hotels understands that pets are family too, which is why they offer a range of amenities specially designed for our furry friends. When you stay at a pet-friendly Best Western hotel, you can expect the following amenities for your pet:

Pet-Friendly Rooms: Best Western offers designated pet-friendly rooms that are specially equipped to accommodate pets. These rooms are spacious and comfortable, ensuring that both you and your pet feel at home during your stay.

Pet-Friendly Amenities: Best Western provides a variety of amenities to make sure your pet’s stay is enjoyable. These amenities may include pet bowls for food and water, pet beds, pet toys, and even pet treats. Your pet will have everything they need to feel comfortable and pampered.

Outdoor Pet Areas: Best Western hotels often have designated outdoor areas where your pet can stretch their legs and get some fresh air. These areas are safely enclosed, so you can let your pet roam freely without worrying about them running off.

Pet-Friendly Policies: Best Western has clear pet-friendly policies in place to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests. These policies may include restrictions on the number and size of pets allowed, as well as guidelines for cleaning up after your pet. By following these policies, you can help maintain a clean and welcoming environment for everyone.

Local Pet-Friendly Information: Best Western staff can provide you with information about nearby pet-friendly attractions, parks, and veterinary services. They can help you plan activities that you and your pet can enjoy together during your stay.

With Best Western’s pet-friendly amenities, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet will be well taken care of during your hotel stay. So, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, don’t hesitate to bring your furry companion along to experience the comfort and hospitality of Best Western Hotels.

Pet-Friendly Activities

When staying at Best Western Hotels, you can expect a variety of pet-friendly activities to enjoy with your furry friend. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or indoor attractions, there’s something for everyone.

One popular activity is hiking. Many Best Western Hotels are located near scenic trails and parks, perfect for a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike. Explore nature together and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views.

If you prefer a more relaxed activity, why not visit a pet-friendly beach? Some Best Western Hotels are located near pet-friendly beaches where you and your dog can enjoy a day of fun in the sun. Splash in the water, play fetch, or simply relax on the sand.

For a dose of culture, consider visiting pet-friendly museums or art galleries. Best Western Hotels often provide information about local attractions, and there may be plenty of pet-friendly options to explore. Admire masterpieces while your furry companion indulges in some people-watching.

Another popular activity for pet owners is dining out. Many Best Western Hotels offer pet-friendly dining options on-site or are located near pet-friendly restaurants. Enjoy a meal together and savor the local cuisine.

Remember to always follow the hotel’s pet policies and be respectful of other guests. Keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier when necessary, clean up after them, and make sure they are well-behaved in public spaces.


Best Western Hotels strive to provide a welcoming and enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. With pet-friendly activities ranging from outdoor adventures to cultural attractions, you can create lasting memories together during your stay. So pack your pet’s essentials and get ready to embark on a pet-friendly adventure with Best Western Hotels.

Things to Consider when Traveling with Pets

Traveling with pets can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it also requires some extra planning to ensure the safety and comfort of your furry friend. Here are some important things to consider when traveling with pets:

1. Pet-Friendly Accommodations: Before you travel, make sure to research and book pet-friendly accommodations. Not all hotels accept pets, so it’s essential to find a place that welcomes your four-legged companion.

2. Pet Policies and Fees: Check the specific pet policies of your chosen hotel. Some hotels may have size, breed, or weight restrictions, while others might charge extra fees for pets. Make sure you are aware of any restrictions or additional costs beforehand.

3. Vaccinations and Health Certificates: Ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and that you have a copy of their health certificate. This will be necessary if you plan to cross borders or if your hotel requires proof of vaccinations.

4. Identification and Microchipping: Always make sure your pet has proper identification, including a collar with a tag containing your contact information. Additionally, consider microchipping your pet, as it can be a lifesaver if they get lost during your trip.

5. Pet Supplies and Comfort: Pack everything your pet will need for the journey, including food, water, bedding, toys, and any medications they take regularly. Bringing familiar items from home can help them feel more comfortable in a new environment.

6. Transportation Safety: Whether you are traveling by car or plane, ensure that your pet’s carrier is secure and comfortable. Practice short trips with your pet beforehand to help them get used to the carrier and reduce stress during the journey.

7. Exercise and Bathroom Breaks: Pets need regular exercise and bathroom breaks, so plan ahead for stops along the way. Research pet-friendly parks or rest areas where your furry friend can stretch their legs and relieve themselves.

8. Be Mindful of Your Pet’s Behavior: Traveling can be stressful for pets, so be patient and understanding if they exhibit anxious or fearful behaviors. Provide them with reassurance and a calm environment to help reduce their stress levels during the trip.

9. Local Pet Services: Research and make note of local pet services such as veterinarians or pet stores near your destination. In case of an emergency or if you need supplies during your trip, knowing where to go can be invaluable.

10. Enjoy the Journey: Lastly, remember to have fun and enjoy the journey with your pet! Traveling with pets can make for wonderful memories and experiences, so embrace the adventure and make the most of your time together.

Pet Fees and Restrictions

When staying at a Best Western hotel with your furry friend, there may be specific pet fees and restrictions in place. It is important to familiarize yourself with these policies before making your reservation.

Firstly, it is common for Best Western hotels to require a non-refundable pet fee. This fee covers the additional cleaning and maintenance required for the room after a pet has stayed. The exact fee may vary depending on the hotel and location, so it is recommended to contact the specific hotel in advance to inquire about the fee.

Additionally, there may be restrictions on the number and size of pets allowed in the room. Some hotels may have a limit on the number of pets per room, while others may have a weight limit for pets. It is crucial to be aware of these limitations to avoid any issues upon arrival.

Furthermore, Best Western hotels often have specific pet-friendly rooms designated for guests with pets. These rooms are typically located on the first floor for easy access to outdoor areas. It is advisable to request a pet-friendly room at the time of reservation to ensure availability.

Finally, it is important to note that certain pets may not be permitted at Best Western hotels due to safety or hygiene concerns. Animals that are aggressive, noisy, or pose a threat to other guests may be restricted. Additionally, some hotels may not allow pets such as reptiles, birds, or exotic animals. It is best to check with the hotel directly to confirm which types of pets are allowed.

By understanding and adhering to the pet fees and restrictions at Best Western hotels, both you and your furry companion can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free stay.


Are all Best Western hotels pet friendly?

Not all Best Western hotels are pet friendly. However, many of them do welcome pets with certain restrictions and additional charges. It is always best to check with a specific hotel before booking to ensure they allow pets.

Are there any size or breed restrictions for pets at Best Western hotels?

There may be size or breed restrictions for pets at some Best Western hotels. Each hotel sets its own policies in terms of pet sizes and breeds allowed. It is recommended to contact the specific hotel you plan to stay at to inquire about their pet policies.

What are the additional charges for bringing a pet to a Best Western hotel?

The additional charges for bringing a pet to a Best Western hotel vary depending on the hotel. Some hotels charge a flat fee per stay, while others may have a daily pet fee. It is important to check with the hotel directly to know the exact charges and policies.

What amenities are provided for pets at Best Western hotels?

Best Western hotels that allow pets usually provide amenities such as pet-friendly rooms with easy outdoor access, designated pet walking areas, and sometimes even pet treats or bowls. These amenities can vary between hotels, so it is advisable to inquire about specific amenities when making a reservation.

Can I leave my pet alone in the hotel room at a Best Western hotel?

Best Western hotels generally require that pets are not left alone in the hotel room. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of both the pet and other guests. If you need to leave your pet alone for a short period of time, it is recommended to contact the hotel’s front desk to inquire about their specific policies regarding leaving pets unattended.

Can I bring my pet to Best Western Hotels?

Yes, Best Western Hotels are pet friendly, so you can bring your pet with you during your stay.

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